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Virtual Sensei promotes the diffusion of scientific knowledge, particularly related to the biomechanical analysis of Karate and martial arts sports motions.

The development of this project implies a continuous search for new publications in the sport-analysis field, in particular related to Karate. Our efforts to make Virtual Sensei the best software for the instrumented analysis of Karate gestures led us to this step: sharing this large amount of information with other enthusiasts (like you).

Therefore, we present the official Virtual Sensei Bibliography, a continuously growing database of publications (both free or pay per download), the most comprehensive on-line index of Karate & Science documents! You can search for author, title, keyword, year, etc. and you can directly click on the article URL, to read the abstract or (if available) the full text.

We intend this database as a living archive and we’d like to expand and keep it updated. If you know or find something interesting (every kind of publication or website related to karate and science), feel free to tell us.

Enjoy and… Discover the scientific side of Karate!

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