EKF 46th European Karate Championships Zurich 2011 • Live Streaming

European Karate Championships 2011 Zurich

For all the fans of Virtual Sensei, the EKF 46th European Senior Karate Championships 2011 in LIVE STREAMING from Zurich (Switzerland). Click on play and enjoy!

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Thanks to JKFan for the free broadcasting of this event!!!


  • GANKAKU (kata + bunkai) performed by the male Italian team in the final match versus Spain (thanks to KARATEbyJesse for all these great videos);
  • SUPARIMPEI (kata + bunkai) performed by the male Spanish team;
  • ANAN (kata + bunkai) performed by the female Spanish team;
  • ANAN (kata + bunkai) performed by the female Italian team;
  • Luca Valdesi, Rafael Aghayev, Yaiza Martin Abello, Sandy Scordo, Dimitrios Triantafyllis and many other champions’ videos;
  • Watch the recordings of the FINALS (see below, Day 3 added);
  • RESULTS from WKF website;
  • Medal table;
  • Results up to 3rd place.

Kata + bunkai GANKAKU by ITALY (Figuccio, Maurino, Valdesi) – Male FINAL:

Kata + bunkai SUPARIMPEI by SPAIN (San Jose Bastante, Quintero, Salazar Jover) – Male FINAL:

Kata + Bunkai ANAN by SPAIN (De Acuna Gonzalez, Martin Abello, Garcia) – Female FINAL:

Kata + Bunkai ANAN by ITALY (Battaglia, Bottaro, Pezzetti) – Female FINAL:

Kata EMPI by Luca Valdesi:

Kata KANKU DAI by Luca Valdesi:

Kata GOJUSHIHO SHO by Luca Valdesi:

Kata UNSU by Luca Valdesi – FINAL:


Kumite -75kg: RAFAEL AGHAYEV vs LUX:

Kumite -75kg: RAFAEL AGHAYEV vs CZE:

Kumite -75kg: RAFAEL AGHAYEV vs SLO:

Kumite -75kg: RAFAEL AGHAYEV vs SUI:

Kata ANAN by Yaiza Martin Abello – FINAL:

Kata UNSU by Sandy Scordo – FINAL:


Day 3 – Sunday, May 8th 2011

Final Female Team Kumite – (FRA) vs (ESP)

Final Male Team Kumite – (FRA) vs (GRE)

Day 2 – Saturday, May 7th 2011

FINALS MALE/FEMALE KUMITE – Massa, Giuliani, Pasqua

FINALS MALE TEAM KATA – Figuccio Maurino Valdesi (ITA) vs (ESP) at 01:02:50;

FINALS FEMALE TEAM KATA (ITA) – Battaglia Bottaro Pezzetti (ITA) vs Yaiza Martin Abello (ESP) at 01:18:30:

French Male Team Kata – BUNKAI (look at 1.40!!!):

Day 1 – Friday, May 6th 2011


Final Male Kumite -84kg – Loria (ITA) vs. Bitevic (SRB):

Eliminations male kumite – Aghayev and others:

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