46th European Senior Karate Championships • New project plan

Sara Battaglia, Viviana Bottaro and Michela Pezzetti

The training camp for the preparation of the EKF 46th European Senior Karate Championships that will be held in Zurich (Switzerland) from 6th to 8th May 2011, was the occasion for a summit between Virtual Sensei Team and the top management of the Italian national karate team.

The head coach Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri, the kata coach Roberta Sodero, the head coach of the Fiamme Gialle sports team Lieutenant Claudio Culasso and the federal doctor Prof. Andrea Lino welcomed us to Fiamme Gialle sports centre in Infernetto, near Rome.

During this meeting, some results of the previous analysis (coming soon on this website) were shown to the management. Moreover, some other ambitious projects were planned. In particular, the next scheduled acquisitions will focus on the analysis of the mawashi geri on subjects of different ages and technical skills, spacing from beginners to elite athletes.

Virtual Sensei Team also had the opportunity of watching both morning and afternoon kata training sessions, with both male (Vincenzo Figuccio, Lucio Maurino and Luca Valdesi) and female (Sara Battaglia, Viviana Bottaro and Michela Pezzetti) kata teams.

The latter kindly accepted to be photographed after a hard training session, which involved both kata and bunkai.

We wish to thank Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri for allowing our presence at this event and both Lieutenant Claudio Culasso and Fiamme Gialle for the hospitality.


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