Italian Senior Kata Championships 2012 • Videos

Viviana Bottaro at the Italian Senior Kata Championships 2012

The FIJLKAM Italian Senior Kata Championships held in Loano (SV), Italy, on 25 March 2012 were a great opportunity to see many top level Italian Karate athletes in action.

And guess what! We had an HD camcorder with us! Are you ready to enjoy this event?

We prepared a dense playlist with many videos from both the male and female categories. Elite athletes like Sara Battaglia, Luca Brancaleon, Viviana Bottaro, Michela Pezzetti, Alfredo Tocco and the young champions Mattia Busato, Michaela Di Desiderio and Alessandro Iodice challenged each other in a competition to the last kata!

And do you know about that Italian rule which imposes to execute a freeform kata (after a regular kata) in the semi-final and final matches? Well, we filmed them too, so that you can enjoy those amazing acrobatic techniques.

Take a look at the following list with the katas in chronological order, see the final ranks and watch the Italian champions during the contest, in HD!

Playlist of the FIJLKAM Italian Senior Kata Championships 2012

Suggestion: watch the videos in full-screen and in HD.

List of the recorded Kata, in chronological order:

  1. Kata BASSAI DAI by Luca Brancaleon
  2. Kata JION by Alfredo Tocco
  3. Kata JION by Alessandro Iodice
  4. Kata GOJU SHIHO-SHO by Alfredo Tocco
  5. Kata KANKU SHO by Alessandro Iodice
  6. Kata SUPARIMPEI by Luca Brancaleon
  7. Kata KANKU SHO by Mattia Busato
  8. Kata MATSUMURA BASSAI by Luca Brancaleon
  9. Kata UNSU by Alfredo Tocco
  10. Kata ANNAN by Luca Brancaleon
  11. Kata GANKAKU by Mattia Busato
  12. Kata KURURUNFA by Luca Brancaleon
  13. FREEFORM Kata LEON by Luca Brancaleon
  14. FREEFORM Kata LUALTO by Alfredo Tocco
  15. Kata KANKU-DAI by Sara Battaglia
  16. Kata UNSHU by Michela Pezzetti
  17. Kata NIPAIPO by Michaela Di Desiderio
  18. Kata ANNAN by Sara Battaglia
  19. Kata CHATANYARA KUSHANKU by Michela Pezzetti
  20. Kata UNSHU by Viviana Bottaro
  21. Kata ANNAN by Viviana Bottaro
  22. Kata TOMARI BASSAI by Viviana Bottaro
  23. Kata UNSU by Sara Battaglia
  24. FREEFORM Kata FENICE by Viviana Bottaro
  25. Kata UNSU by Mattia Busato [Final]
  26. Kata UNSU by Alessandro Iodice [Final]
  27. FREEFORM Kata CAVOUR by Mattia Busato [Final]
  28. FREEFORM Kata NEMBO by Alessandro Iodice [Final]
  29. Kata CHATANYARA KUSHANKU by Viviana Bottaro [Final]
  30. Kata CHATANYARA KUSHANKU by Sara Battaglia [Final]
  31. FREEFORM Kata ENERGIA by Sara Battaglia [Final]

Ranks up to the 3rd place


  1. Viviana Bottaro (A.S.D. C.S.K.A. Genova);
  2. Sara Battaglia (G.S. Fiamme Oro Roma);
  3. Michaela Di Desiderio (A.S.D. Fit For You – Sez. Karate Roma) and Alessandra Cremona (A.S.D. Centro Studi Karate Shotokan Catania).


  1. Mattia Busato (A.S.D. Karate Castelfranco Veneto);
  2. Alessandro Iodice (A.S.D. Athlon Maurino Portico di Caserta);
  3. Luca Brancaleon (C.S. Esercito Roma) and Alfredo Tocco (G.S. Fiamme Oro Roma).

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