Analysis of jodan mawashi geri in elite and young athletes

Selene Guglielmi and Roberta Sodero

As preannounced, the object of our latest acquisitions was the execution of the jodan mawashi geri (high roundhouse kick), performed by subjects of different age, gender and technical skills, spacing from young (but already qualified) to élite athletes. This session is part of some tests planned in collaboration with Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri, head coach of the Italian National Karate Team.

This time Virtual Sensei Team was hosted at the FIJLKAM sports arena located in Ostia, Rome. 8 athletes (4 male and 4 female) were asked to perform some series of jodan mawashi geri, under the supervision of Roberta Sodero (coach of the Italian Kata Team), Emanuele Baldassarri and Walter Maddonni. The technique was performed with and without the target pad, to highlight the differences in terms of speed and kinetic energy developed by the athletes in the two conditions.

One of the purposes of this session is the analysis of the eye-to-foot coordination related to:

  • age;
  • gender;
  • karate skills;
  • absence/presence of a target pad.

The élite athletes that kindly participated in this session are the following:

  • Selene Guglielmi, member of the Italian National Kumite Team, 1st at 2004 World University Karate Championship, (Belgrade, Serbia) in female individual kumite open category, 1st at 2006 World University Karate Championship (New York City, USA) in female individual kumite – 53 kg cat. and 2nd at 2006 WKF World Senior Karate Championships (Tampere, Finland) in the same weight category.
  • Gianluca Iovine, member of Fiamme oro (the sports group of the Italian State Police), 1st at 2009 FIJLKAM Italian Junior Kumite Championship in male individual kumite -65 kg cat. and 2nd at 2010 FIJLKAM Italian Senior Kumite Championship in the same weight category.

The young athletes had to belong to the same dojo, to ensure a homogeneous training method. Sensei Baldassarri provided the following athletes:

  • Valentina Gallotta and Andrea De Angelis (WKF Cadet, age 14/15);
  • Elisabetta Scialanga and Alberto Corselli (WKF Junior, age 16/17);
  • Elisa Rizzo and Andrea Sperati (age 12/13).

Thanks to Prof. Ettore Pennestrì for the technical supervision, to Andrea Pilia for the photos and to Andrea Timmi, Joseph Arlettaz and Pietro Pennestrì for the support.

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