Karate1 Premier League • Dutch Open 2012

Karate1 Dutch Open 2012 poster

For our awesome followers and for all the karate-lovers, we collected all the videos and info about the WKF Karate1 Premier League Dutch Open, held in Dordrecht (Netherlands) on 10-11 March 2012.

We will try to keep this post up-to-date (also with your help!) adding video highlights, results and other info about this competition, as we did for the European Karate Championships 2011.

What is the Karate 1 Premier League?

The Karate1 WKF Premier League is the prime league event in the world of Karate. Together with the WKF Karate1 World Cup (WWC) it is a series of world class Karate competitions recognized and supported by the World Karate Federation.

Its aim is to bring together the best Karate competitors in the world in a series of open championships of unprecedented scale and quality.


Kata Individual female Seniors (playlist – 9 videos)

Video courtesy of KARATEbyJesse.com.

Featured videos in order:

  1. Rika Usami – Bassai Dai;
  2. Rika Usami – Tomari Bassai;
  3. Rimi Kajikawa – Nipaipo;
  4. Rimi Kajikawa – Suparimpei;
  5. Kazuyo Inoue – Suparimpei;
  6. Rika Usami – Chatan Yara Kushanku;
  7. Rimi Kajikawa – Chatan Yara Kushanku;
  8. Rika Usami – Kosokun Dai;
  9. Rimi Kajikawa – Tomari Bassai.

Kumite Individual male Seniors -67 – Final

Marvin Garin (France) vs Geoffrey Berens (Netherlands)

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