Karate1 Premier League • Frankfurt-Hanau 2012

Karate1 Frankfurt Open 2012 poster

After the summer break, I’m here again, this time trying to gather as much info as possible about the Karate1 Frankfurt Open 2012, part of the WKF Premiere League. The location of the event is the August-Schärttner-Halle, in Hanau. This is an important test for the athletes, before the imminent WKF World Karate Championships, to be held in Paris on 21-25 November.

If you don’t remember what Karate1 is, check my previous post about the Dutch Open 2012!

This time the challenge will be very hard: many champions are going to test their preparation on the road to the World Championships, and some of them are facing their rivals after two years: do you remember Luca Valdesi vs. Antonio Diaz in Belgrade 2010? Well, Lucio Maurino and Vincenzo Figuccio (ITA) are in the list too!

The female kata category will be hard-fought too. There are some of the most relevant names in the world: Nguyen Hoang Ngan (VNM), Sara Battaglia (ITA), Sandy Scordo (FRA), Maria Dimitrova (DOM), Viviana Bottaro (ITA), Rimi Kajikawa (JAP) and many others.

And what about kumite? Names such as Jonathan Horne (DEU), Ciro Massa (ITA), William Rolle (FRA), Rene Smaal (NED), Diego Vandeschrick (BEL), Timothy Petersen (NLD), Salvatore Loria (ITA) and Tiffany Fanjat (FRA), Kristina Mah (AUS), Greta Vitelli (ITA) are enough for you?

Check the full draws of the competition and the timetable.

As usual I’ll do my best to cover the event and collect videos, photos and info during and after the competition! All the material will be published both on my social accounts (see the buttons on the right) and below in this post, so stay tuned and get ready for a great show!


Videos playlist

Finals are bold. Videos courtesy of KARATEbyJesse.com.

Featured videos in order:

  1. Intro;
  2. Italian male Kata Team (Figuccio, Maurino, Valdesi) – Gankaku;
  3. [VIEW 1] Antonio Diaz (Suparimpei) vs Luca Valdesi (Gankaku);
  4. [VIEW 1] Rimi Kajikawa (Chatan Yara Kusanku) vs. Hoang Ngan Nguyen (Suparimpei);
  5. Germany 1 male Kata Team (Genau, Jüttner, Urke) – Unsu;
  6. Antonio Diaz – Seienchin;
  7. Luca Valdesi – Empi;
  8. Luca Valdesi – Kanku Dai;
  9. Luca Valdesi – Gojushiho Sho;
  10. Antonio Diaz – Kururunfa;
  11. Luca Valdesi – Sochin;
  12. Luca Valdesi – Unsu;
  13. Antonio Diaz – Chatan Yara Kusanku;
  14. [VIEW 2] Rimi Kajikawa – Chatan Yara Kusanku;
  15. [VIEW 2] Hoang Ngan Nguyen – Suparimpei;
  16. [VIEW 2] Antonio Diaz – Suparimpei;
  17. [VIEW 2] Luca Valdesi – Gankaku;
  18. Vietnam female Kata team (Do Thi Thu, Nguyen, Nguyen) – Paiku;
  19. Germany 1 female Kata team (Bleul, Heinrich, Wachter) – Unsu;
  20. Kumite female -68 – Fanjat vs. Vizcaino;
  21. Kumite female -50 – Aquilina vs. Thouy;
  22. Kumite male -60 – Kalnins vs. Rendon;
  23. Kumite female +68 – Martinovc vs. Nortan;
  24. Kumite male +84 – Sheppard vs. Benaissa;
  25. Kumite male -84 – Vandeschrick vs. Petersen;
  26. Kumite male -75 – Smaal vs. Bitsch;
  27. Kumite female -61 – Agier vs. Mah;
  28. Kumite male -67 – Cossou vs. Madera;
  29. Kumite female -55 – Bitsch vs. Ignace;

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