New release! Virtual Sensei Lite™ v.0.2.0

Virtual Sensei Lite skeleton

So, you thought we would have been satisfied with the first release? You thought 423 downloads from all over the world in 3 months (without spending a $ in ads) would have been enough for us? Curious, you should know that Karate and martial arts mean perfection… and yes, Virtual Sensei Lite™ is still far from perfection!

Virtual Sensei Lite­™ v.0.2.0 is here: this update has a lot of new features and some bugfixes (see the changelog), not to mention the remarkable improvements in athlete’s motion tracking and data processing!

Now you can also orient your Kinect sensor up and down using the internal tilt motor: stop searching everywhere for thin object to put beneath the Kinect base, to obtain the right angle of shot!

Do you remember the skeleton avatar floating in the dark space? Well, now he can walk on a brand new wooden floor, thanks to the floor detection capability! And you can make it semi-transparent, to see the scene from beneath.

Did I mention the auto-calibration? Psi-pose in not required any more! Just enter the scene and move freely: the software will immediately detect you.

IMPORTANT: the first 10-15 s are required to adjust the skeleton to your body proportions: therefore, joints coordinates are less reliable in this period. Wait this time before performing serious techniques. You will be able to eliminate the first part of the mocap file with the crop instrument. See the guide and the tutorials for further info.

NOTICE: you have to update some required modules. See the update help for more info.

What else? Oh, it is still free!

Download Virtual Sensei Lite™ v.0.2.0 and Discover your kinetic energy™, everywhere!

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