Lucio Maurino interviewed by KARATEbyJesse

Lucio Maurino and Alessandro Timmi

Many Karate lovers probably know the blog It features interesting articles mainly about things related to Karate, Kobudo, Okinawa (or Japan in general), kata, bunkai and a lot of other topics […] which are in one way or other related to Karate.

Its Youtube channel contains dozens of cool videos recorded during the most relevant WKF competitions (champions like Luca Valdesi, Antonio Diaz, Rika Usami, Rafael Aghayev and many others are often present) or in occasion of seminars and events with eminent Karate Masters (Tsuguo Sakumoto, Morio Higaonna and others).

This website polarizes a community of thousands of martial artists and is entirely powered by Jesse Enkamp, self-entitled Karate Nerd™, a young member of the Swedish National Karate team with a 360° passion for martial arts knowledge.

All Karate lovers should know Lucio Maurino, several times European and World Champion (both individual and team kata specialties, the latter with his team mates Luca Valdesi and Vincenzo Figuccio). What makes Sensei Maurino special are not only his well-known Karate skills, but also his extreme competence in sports science (he has an academic degree in Motor Science) and his exceptional kindness.

Well, this time the Virtual Sensei team had the opportunity to connect these two awesome people, an élite Karate athlete and one of the best Karate blogger, with the aim of making an exclusive interview, ranging from Karate technique to biomechanics, from competition psychology to food science, not to mention many anecdotes about Maurino’s personal experience.

For this kind of introspective event, which location could be better than the new traditional-style dojo designed by Lucio Maurino himself, in collaboration with Sensei Danilo Manodoro (4° dan Aikido AIKIKAI), and placed near Caserta, Italy? The following gallery (an exclusive for our followers) speaks itself: this dojo, called Associazione Armonia is the paradise many martial artists dream about.

So, don’t lose time, check the photos here and take a look at KARATEbyJesse’s interview with Lucio Maurino:

P.S. An update of Virtual Sensei Lite, our free software for 3D sports motion analysis based on Microsoft Kinect sensor, is coming soon – stay tuned!

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