Virtual Sensei is a software developed by Alessandro Timmi, with the supervision and collaboration of Prof. Ettore Pennestrì, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Its purpose is the evaluation of sports motions based on quantitative parameters and not on sensitive impressions or empirical methods. It was tested on karate athletes, but could be extended to other sports disciplines.

Karate is a discipline centered on the execution of techniques involving the entire body, therefore this instrument allows the analysis of a multiplicity of complex and fast motions and could be used both for Kata (figure) and Kumite (fight) specialties.

The tool can be used in many fields as the following:

  • judgement of sport gesture correctness and efficacy;
  • monitoring of the athlete’s performances during a certain period;
  • comparison of several athlete’s postures and movements;
  • training optimization.

Moreover, the importance of the competitiveness as a fundamental element of modern karate adds further worth to this tool, that could be considered as a useful support in élite athletes’ training.

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