Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri • Interview about Virtual Sensei

In this video Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri, head coach of the FIJLKAM Italian karate team, talks about the use of Virtual Sensei on élite athletes like Luca Valdesi, Viviana Bottaro, Sara Cardin and Salvatore Loria. See the promo video and the gallery of the event.

As Prof. Aschieri says, the purpose of this biomechanical study is the optimization of the technical execution, obtained through the quantitative evaluation of the kinematic and dynamic parameters of the athlete’s motion. The evaluation of the risks related to the wearing effect of some techniques is an objective too.

In the automotive field, the technological innovations are developed for the top-level class and then brought on every day vehicles. Similarly, the outcome of these studies on top-level athletes will constitute a benefit for the trainees at every level.

Special thanks to Prof. Ettore Pennestrì for his supervision and to Francesco Forte, great engineer and exceptional journalist, for doing this interview.

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