Operating procedure

Motion capture

The athlete’s motion is recorded using an optical high-framerate motion capture system. Accurate acquisitions of fast and complex movements are obtained with a frame rate of 100 images per second (standard video is only 25-30 images per second). The athlete wears a special mocap suit with some affixed reflective markers. Once applied in a particular configuration, these markers allow for the optical recognition of the motion.

Data processing

Mocap data are sent to Virtual Sensei, that calculates both rotational and translational kinetic energy (for each limb and for the entire body), velocities and accelerations (both linear and angular). Anthropometric values (mass, length and principal moments of inertia of each limb) based on athlete’s gender, height and weight are also computed. The final step of this phase is the animation of the skeleton replicating the athlete’s motion.


Animation and plots are shown to the user, through the Graphical User Interface (G.U.I.). It allows for observing the scene frame-by-frame from any point of view and reading the instantaneous value of each parameter.