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Lucio Maurino interviewed by KARATEbyJesse

Published on December 3, 2011 By Alessandro Timmi
Many Karate lovers probably know the blog KARATEbyJesse.com. It features interesting articles mainly about things related to Karate, Kobudo, Okinawa (or Japan in general), kata, bunkai and a lot of other topics […] which are in one way or other related to Karate. Its Youtube channel contains dozens of cool videos recorded during the most […]

Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri • Interview about Virtual Sensei

Published on March 1, 2011 By Alessandro Timmi
In this video Prof. Pierluigi Aschieri, head coach of the FIJLKAM Italian karate team, talks about the use of Virtual Sensei on élite athletes like Luca Valdesi, Viviana Bottaro, Sara Cardin and Salvatore Loria. See the promo video and the gallery of the event.