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Virtual Sensei Lite v.0.2.2 released

Published on May 25, 2012 By Alessandro Timmi
Virtual Sensei Lite™ is our FREE software for sports motion analysis based on Microsoft Kinect sensor. Before the introduction of this combination of hardware and software, the only alternatives for sports motion analysis were expensive and cumbersome mocap equipments or complex pieces of software based on traditional camcorders and slow algorithms for motion detection. Not […]

Virtual Sensei Lite update 0.2.1 available

Published on February 20, 2012 By Alessandro Timmi
We have just released another update of Virtual Sensei Lite. This time we focused on software usability: we are particularly proud of the check for updates function, that will avoid the tedious procedure of manually downloading the setup file from our website. It automatically searches for a newer version at startup (if you are connected […]

New release! Virtual Sensei Lite™ v.0.2.0

Published on January 13, 2012 By Alessandro Timmi
So, you thought we would have been satisfied with the first release? You thought 423 downloads from all over the world in 3 months (without spending a $ in ads) would have been enough for us? Curious, you should know that Karate and martial arts mean perfection… and yes, Virtual Sensei Lite™ is still far […]

Virtual Sensei Lite™ released

Published on October 8, 2011 By Alessandro Timmi
Virtual Sensei Lite™ has been finally released. We are proud of presenting this innovative tool as our effort to bring tangible results to athletes, coaches, scientist and enthusiasts, from all over the world and from various disciplines. Virtual Sensei Lite™ is a software for instrumented and objective 3D biomechanical analysis of sports motions.