Virtual Sensei Lite™ released

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Virtual Sensei Lite™ has been finally released. We are proud of presenting this innovative tool as our effort to bring tangible results to athletes, coaches, scientist and enthusiasts, from all over the world and from various disciplines.

Virtual Sensei Lite™ is a software for instrumented and objective 3D biomechanical analysis of sports motions.

It is a simplified version of the one tested on the athletes of the Italian National Karate Team.

Nice. But how much does it cost?

Virtual Sensei Lite™ is free. Our purpose is reaching the widest audience possible. We designed VSLite™ as a tool for the masses, not for an élite.

And what about the required hardware?

When planning this project, we had two alternatives:

  1. selecting the best motion capture hardware on the market, limiting the product to only rich sports clubs.
  2. adopting a compromise solution: a low cost (but effective) hardware, diffused worldwide and, above all, easy to use.

We opted for the second one, and the result is that Virtual Sensei Lite™ is powered by one of the most innovative digital device in recent years: Microsoft Kinect.

So, why losing time? Discover your kinetic energy™, everywhere!

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