Virtual Sensei Lite update 0.2.1 available

Virtual Sensei Lite, athletes and Kinect

We have just released another update of Virtual Sensei Lite.

This time we focused on software usability: we are particularly proud of the check for updates function, that will avoid the tedious procedure of manually downloading the setup file from our website. It automatically searches for a newer version at startup (if you are connected to the Internet), but you can always check manually from the Help menu.

This should be the last time you have to fill the download form!

Another thing we focused on is to make sure the user knows that the first ~10 s of recording are used for auto-calibration: in this phase the joints coordinates are not reliable.

While we hope this behavior will be improved soon, in the meantime we placed a message dialog at recording startup (you can disable it however). Remember, wait ~10 s before performing actual techniques. You can always crop away the useless part of the mocap file.

We have also improved the exceptions management, showing not only the error message to the user, but also a suggestion, to help him solving the problem autonomously. However we are always happy to receive your feedback!

Finally, did you see the new setup, with VSLite logo? It’s cool, isn’t it? What? You didn’t download it? Hurry up, your new kinetic energy meter is waiting for you! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or to subscribe to our newsletter for latest news!

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