Virtual Sensei Lite v.0.2.2 released

Virtual Sensei Lite

Virtual Sensei Lite™ is our FREE software for sports motion analysis based on Microsoft Kinect sensor. Before the introduction of this combination of hardware and software, the only alternatives for sports motion analysis were expensive and cumbersome mocap equipments or complex pieces of software based on traditional camcorders and slow algorithms for motion detection.

Not for everyone.

Virtual Sensei Lite combines the ease of use of the Kinect sensor with a FREE software which calculates some well known (and universally recognized) kinematic and kinetic parameters, like limbs velocities and body kinetic energy.

I’m not saying that Kinect tracking capabilities are comparable to those of more expensive professional equipments. I’m saying (but it is already well known) that this device offers exceptional possibilities considering its price (currently around 100 $) and, moreover, it is easy and fast to use (when coupled with the right software, of course).

I believe we have the merit of bringing biomechanical sports motion analysis into sports clubs and homes. I imagine VSLite as a useful instrument, actually used by coaches and athletes. Each revision of Virtual Sensei Lite is an humble tentative of improving the user experience. That’s why your questions and suggestions are always welcome.

This latest release fixes some bugs and refines many areas of the program.

Zoom and pan in plots now work

Finally i managed to fix that detestable bug on Virtual Sensei Lite plots: now zoom and pan tools work! Moreover, you can scale the plots using the combination pan tool + right click.

Watch the video (preferably in full screen and in HD) to see these tools in action:

One-time free activation procedure

I wrote a completely new activation procedure (still FREE of course): this means that you don’t have to insert your email each time you download the latest setup, but only once directly inside the software. You will receive a product key via mail, that you will paste inside the activation form. When you will update the program, the product key will remain valid.

Calibration with psi-pose restored

I decided to restore the previous calibration method, based on the psi-pose. This procedure is faster than the auto-calibration (1 vs 10 s) and, moreover, you don’t have to crop the initial 10 s of recording (because not accurate). Therefore, I removed the related warning message on tracking startup.

Configuration file

I extended the use of the configuration file (already present in the previous release): now it stores some settings that are still available when you close the program.

Code improvements

I completely rewrote many parts of the software: this led to a diffuse improvement in execution speed and to an increased code maintainability. For instance, the crop tool is faster and more responsive when dragging the mouse on the plots to select the desired time span.

Next steps

I received many emails with people having tracking problems: I know, Kinect has currently some tracking issue, particularly with complex motions. Since I had the opportunity to use Virtual Sensei Lite just before a Karate competition, testing a whole category of athletes before the match, I managed to understand the ideal tracking procedure for some common techniques. Therefore, expect a tracking guide soon, with many hints on how to place yourself with respect to the Kinect for each technique.

Go get Virtual Sensei Lite

Since Virtual Sensei Lite relies on some required libraries, you need to install or update them. In the second case, I suggest you to uninstall the old versions, install the new ones and restart your pc before running VSLite.

  • If this is your first installation of Virtual Sensei Lite™, check the installation guide.
  • If you are updating Virtual Sensei Lite™, read the update section.

I hope you will enjoy this new release: if you find bugs or have suggestions, please contact me. To receive the latest updates, subscribe to the newsletter, or follow Virtual Sensei on Facebook / Twitter / Google+.

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